Saturday, March 15, 2014

Still confused, but returning

When blogspot went to google, or whatever it did, I was left in a bit of a quandary. I already had a Google+ account, and I was not allowed to add that account to account I originally used for this blog. And I am not setting up a second Google+ account. So, I am continuing this blog as is, under the original email, with no connection to my other online persona. Which might not be a bad thing ... I've thought a lot about blogging in the past years, but the all-encompassing and all-consuming process of being on probation (i.e., pre-tenure) at my university meant that I focused on all of the things I needed to keep my job. That process seems to be nearly (!) completed and, darn it, I'm going to wander on my blog again. I am going to post bits of papers as I work on them, ideas that arise out of teaching (see for a class blog for my Anthro Theory course - mostly student-written! - as well as , a wiki for my Peoples of SE Asia class), my anthropological reactions to news and analysis I hear (look out Science Friday! I'm going to prove you need to think about social science), and, finally, I might work on my long-threatened fantasy/scifi & anthropology commentaries. I hope you find this, and I relish thoughtful and insightful or funny comments.

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Kate G. said...

So, I ended up inviting myself to join via another account. Perhaps this will help with having to sign out / sign in across platforms.

Surely there's an answer to this problem?